Theft or Loss of Personal Property

  • District Policy

    The Amherst Central School District shall not be liable for theft or loss of personal property on school grounds. Should students choose to bring personal belongings to school, the students, not the district, are responsible for ensuring that their belongings are secured.

    The district takes reasonable precautions to ensure the general security of property within the buildings. Students at the High School and Middle School are provided with lockers for depositing personal belongings. Students are required to provide their own combination locks for these lockers. It is the responsibility of the students to make sure that the combination locks are properly used to secure their hallway lockers and PE lockers. Students are not permitted to share lockers and must keep the combination to their locks confidential.

    Students are discouraged from bringing valuable belongings to school. Valuable belongings include cash, expensive electronic or digital equipment, expensive clothing attire, jewelry, etc. Should students choose to bring such items to school, they do so at their own risk.

    Parents or guardians should take steps to ensure that any valuable items are appropriately covered under their homeowners insurance or renters insurance.

    Where appropriate, the district will report to authorities and prosecute all thefts or vandalism to property.