Academic Departments

  • Amherst Central High School has a culture of excellence which supports and encourages teaching, learning, and personal growth. Our graduates are well-rounded and prepared for post-secondary life.  Graduation requirements include core courses, foreign language, fine arts, practical arts, business, technology, computer literacy, and personal health and wellness. Courses stress not only the acquisition of specific knowledge and skills, but also the application of knowledge across the curriculum, the development of creative and critical thinking skills, and self-evaluation.

    Every effort is made to ensure that each student participates in an academic program that is appropriate to his/her ability, interests, and future plans.

    Curricular offerings and course content are carefully aligned to post-secondary requirements and “real-world” demands. The faculty continually devotes time, effort, and professional expertise to defining, clarifying, and communicating instructional goals at all levels: school, departments, and courses.

    A graduate of Amherst Central High School will demonstrate:

    1.       An awareness of real-world experiences and societal values held in common.

    2.       Knowledge of a common body of facts and information.

    3.       Effective communication.

    4.       Problem-solving, creative, and critical thinking skills.

    5.       Proficiency in reading, writing, and computation.

    6.       Respect for wellness (physical fitness, nutrition, healthy lifestyle).

    7.       Awareness of the life-enhancing use of leisure time. 

    The following course descriptions are designed to help students and their families make informed decisions about courses, levels, and academic sequences. Teachers will inform students about performance levels at both competency and mastery levels.