Art Club


    Advisor: Mr. Pashley

    All Amherst students are welcome to come join in the fun. You don’t have to be currently taking an art course to join and if you are involved in a fall sport you may come join when your season is over. 

    Projects in art club can be long range.  For instance, two art club members worked three years on a sequential (comic) story and illustrated the book in black and white.  They couldn't fit art into their schedule and really wanted to make this book.  Sometimes art club members work on individual projects or work as a group.  You can work in different mediums such as pastel, watercolor, ink, and charcoal.  This year some members are working on decorative gourds. 

    We do a variety of different things, sometimes a craft type project, sometimes we work on art skills and techniques, so there should be something for you to try.  Activities are decided by the students and the art club advisor.