• Advisor:  Ms. Schoellkopf

    The Pathfinder organization is a group of Juniors and Seniors who are leaders in the High School building. They are selected based on an application and interview process. The purpose of the Pathfinders is to assist underclassmen with the transition to Amherst High School. These upperclassmen will connect with the freshmen students through homeroom visits, Adventure, and other activities throughout the school year. Freshmen students will be able to share their concerns with their pathfinder, identify with the upperclassmen, develop school spirit, have positive role models, and have an opportunity for one-on-one mentoring through the pathfinder organization. The application process to the Pathfinders is open to any junior or senior in good standing at Amherst High School.

    Our Pathfinders play a crucial role in helping to run the Pathfinder's Task Force in the high school building. They will help to select the teacher and student of the month. They also will be visible at board meetings throughout the year.