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    Dave Benton
    Sherry Ciurczak
    Kristi Scalzo
    Laurie LeGoff
    Daniela Wolfe
    Stewart Christy

    Amherst School emails are: first letter of first name and the complete last name, followed by (with no spaces).

    Counselor phone numbers can be found in the Student Handbook.  

    Student Services Department

    The district provides guidance and counseling services to every student, utilizing a holistic approach, with respect to intellectual ability, interests, values, skills, and talents.  Counselors assist students in learning about themselves, while providing students with opportunities to obtain career and educational information, achieve decisions, and carry out plans of action.  In addition, counselors assist parents and teachers as they work with students.

    Students are randomly assigned to counselors by homeroom groups at the beginning of 9th grade, and they remain with that counselor and that homeroom group until they graduate.

    School counselors provide:

    • A friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere where students can seek assistance dealing with personal questions or concerns.
    • Opportunities for students experiencing academic difficulties to discuss ways to improve their grades.
    •  Opportunities for students to examine interests, values, aptitudes and abilities, and the relationship of those areas to career and post-high school planning.
    • Assistance to each student in program planning and the selection of high school courses to insure the meeting of graduation requirements.
    • Opportunities for students, parents, and teachers to discuss concerns and share information regarding the academic or personal progress of the student.
    • Information and suggestions for referrals to appropriate community services as they pertain to student family needs.

    The Student Services Office is open daily from 7:45 AM to 3:45 PM.  Counselors­ are available during regular school hours and by appointment before or after school.  Students are encouraged to meet with their counselor during unassigned time or to request an appointment with a counselor.  In matters of urgency, students can request to see the Student Services chairperson or another counselor.  While each student is assigned to a particular counselor, all students are free to consult with anyone in the department about personal issues.