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    There are currently 58 colleges in New York State that offer at least one bachelor's degree online.

    Best Schools offers a way to search colleges, degree programs, financial aid information and much more.College Atlas provides all kinds of interesting information on colleges.Picking a College, 10


    Questions to ask yourself first: 

    Do you have thoughts on a possible college major? If so, name a few, if not, don't worry, most colleges don't ask students to declare a major until the end of their sophomore year. If you do have a focused interest, there are colleges that would have programs for you.

    1. What activities have you participated in during high school that you would like to continue doing in college? Or activities that you werern't able to participate in during high school that you would like to pursue in college.
    2. If you chose to take a year off before heading to college, what would you love to do?
    3. Assess your need for diversity. Do you like being surrounded by people who look like you or would you thrive in a more diverse environment?
    4. Do you consider yourself a good advocate for your own academic needs? Do you think you might fall through the cracks at a larger university?
    5. Do you want to "start fresh" and go to a college where you don't know anyone? Or will you feel more comfortable if there are many students from your high school class at the college you choose?
    6. Would you enjoy seeing many of the same people often or would you prefer being in an environment where you can be anonymous? Do you think you'd be happier being a "big fish in a small pond" or a "small fish in a big pond"?
    7. Do you feel ready to move away from home and be completely independent?
    8. What degree of challenge makes you feel most comfortable? Do stronger students push you to try harder or do you enjoy the confidence of comfortably sitting at the top of the class?
    9. Would you describe your need for culture (museums, restaurants, events), shopping, big athletics, etc... as high, medium or low?


In Our Backyard

Reps @ACHS

Open Houses


    Niagara University February Open House/Revisit Day: Saturday, February 15th is NU's next on-campus Open House. This will be a great chance to visit the campus for the first time or a revisit for a second look. Tour the campus, meet with students and faculty and more. See the website for all the detail.

    Spring 2020 Open House at Niagara County Community College: NCCC is having their spring Open House. They offer over 60 degree programs at a very low cost. If you have any questions please coctact the Admissions Office at 716-614-6200.

    SUNY Morrisville Open House: Saturday, March 7 and Saturday, March 28th. Meet the faculty members in your major, find out about financial aid and tour the campus and more. Visit the website for more detail.