Program Opportunities

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    Healthcare Explores Program: The ECMC Foundation is excited to offer a new opportunity for high school students in 10th-12th grade called Healthcare Explorers. This immersive summer internship experience allows students to have hands-on learning opportunities across our campus. Topics include Surgical Services, Transplantation, Emergency Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and so much more. See the website for dates and how to apply.

    NYCourts.Gov The 8th Judicial District is offering a summer internship program for juniors and seniors to experience various positions in a career in our Court System. This excellent learning opportunity is a 3-week summer program, scheduled to begin on Monday, July 8th and ends Thursday, July 25th. This will enable students to be knowledgeable about different careers in the court system! See website for all the details.

    NYS Society CPA: The Career Opportunities in the Accounting Profession helps you explore what you can do in the accounting field.  If you think accounting is just tax, think again. Plot your future as a Chief Financial Officer, forensics investigator, data analyst, software developer, entertainment and sports agent, auditor or entrepreneur. See the website for the details!

    Spectrum Careers Internship to Juniors: Make $18.50 an hour as an intern for Spectrum. You must be a junior and 17 years of age. See website for all the details.

    Call the FAFSA Hotline:1-800-808-1790 Tuesdays and Thursdays from noon - 5 pm.

    New York Institute of Massage: Career in less than a year, start to earn your investment right away after licensure, solid job opportunities and more! See website or, if you have questions, see Mrs. Carapetyan in student services.

    Selective Service: Young men MUST register for Selective Service. It's the law. Fill in a simple registration form within 30 days of your 18th birthday. If you're a resident of the United States, you must register, even if you're from another country and not a U.S. citizen, living in the U.S. illegally. It's easy to register with Selective Service. You can enter your information via the internet at, or complete, sign and return the card you may get in the mail, or fill out an SSS registration form at a post office. Registering with Selective Service does NOT mean joining the military. Students who are not registered won't qualify for federal student aid and grant programs. You must be registered with Selective Service to work for the federal government. You must be registered to receive United States citizenship if you were not born in the U.S. Not registering is against the law.

    NORTHLAND Workforce Training Center: See website for training opportunities for a career in manufacturing jobs in WNY.

    LendEDU Financial Aid HotlineLendEDU launched a new tool to help students and families navigate financial aid, scholarships, grants, and student loans. The tool, known as LendEDU Financial Aid Hotline, is a free text-in service designed to quickly answer any question related to financial aid, grants, scholarships, and student loans. Simply text your financial aid questions to the hotline at 302-278-4037 and you will receive a detailed response from their team within 15 minutes.

    Carnegie Mellon Univ. Pre-College Programs: This is where your future begins - living and learning in a college setting that will challenge you to discover your best self.

    Erie1BOCES Career and Technical Education: The program provides exciting opportunities for students to explore their passions and possible career paths. See web page for more details.