Amherst Advanced

  • Benefits of an Advanced Regents Diploma?

    • All students that are capable should aspire to the Advanced Regents diploma, regardless if you are going to college or trade school.
    • It is only three more rigorous high school classes.
    • It can save college tuition (language requirements could be waived which opens the college schedule for a course toward a minor or dual major).
    • It is a higher level of achievement and more college preparatory.


    The Advanced Diploma requires successful completion of additional Regents or local exams:

    • three units of local LOTE (Language Other Than English)
    • two Science Regents exams, one of which must include Biology
    • Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2 Regents exams.
    • A five-unit sequence in fine arts, business, or career and technical education, may replace the three-unit LOTE sequence of an Advanced Diploma.

    With Honors: Students who achieve a 90% average on 8 Regents exams will earn an Advanced Regents diploma “With Honors” designation.

    Questions: Talk to your school counselor