• ENGLISH 10 H

    1 Unit

    Prerequisites:  English 9 H or permission of instructor

    Satisfies graduation requirement in English

    NCAA Approved


    English 10 H students will read and study poetry, plays, novels, essays and other forms of literature that reflect a variety of perspectives from around the world.  Specific emphasis will be placed on the role of the individual in society and the development of identity as seen in various works of literature.  Students will write poems, personal responses, and essays that look closely at themes and characters in literature.  Students will also further develop the use of standard written English as it relates to grammar, usage, sentence structure, and style.  Throughout the year students will be required to present and share ideas in class, both formally (i.e. speeches and oral presentations) and informally in class discussions.  The skills required by the course prepare the students for the more intense study of literature and the honors research thesis in the 11 Honors course.