• ENGLISH 11 R

    1 Unit

    Prerequisite:  English 10

    Satisfies graduation requirement in English

    NCAA Approved


    The English 11 R course explores texts by primarily American writers so that the course will have some content overlap with the 11th grade of American history.   The State Regents exam is the final exam for this course, so an important focus is on the particular skills that students will need to be successful on that exam.  In preparation for the exam, students read a variety of texts (poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and film), annotate as they read; analyze the role of literary elements in text, such as symbolism, characterization, conflict, setting, etc.; use specific evidence and detail to support an argument; and organize an essay clearly and carefully.  In addition, students write poetry, stories, and personal essays, as well as make a formal oral presentation in front of the class.