Language 2R (French/Spanish)


    1 Unit

    Prerequisite:  At High School pass Level IR with at least a C.  At Middle School pass Proficiency Exam with at least a 75% and overall grade of C.   New students – take a placement exam


    The students will be able to understand commands, questions, and carry out simple conversations without notes.  They will read passages in the language using vocabulary and grammar patterns to find main ideas.  They will write guided compositions, using coherent and connected sentences in the language.  They will function in simple simulated common daily situations in the target culture.  Level 2 French/Spanish builds on a solid foundation in Level I.  It has been our experience that students who do not receive at least a C in Level 1 or at least 75% on the Proficiency Exam are not successful in Level 2.  Students who successfully complete this course and wish to continue will go to Spanish/French 3R.  Students may move to Spanish/French 3H with teacher recommendation.