College Language 4 (French/Spanish)


    1 Unit

    Prerequisite:  Level 4 students may proceed to 4H with teacher recommendation

    3 ½ SUNY Credit Hours Optional through ECC


    Students will be able to listen and respond (orally and in writing) to the language spoken at normal speed.  They will take part in conversations and discussions in class.  They will read a variety of texts (that also vary in terms of subject and length) for discussion and written interaction.  Students will do creative and expository writing.   All class activities and assignments use the target language. Students may opt to earn 3 ½ units of SUNY credit for this course through ECC at a reduced tuition rate for the courses SP 112 or FR 112.  Course credits are generally transferable to most colleges and universities throughout the country as long as the student maintains at least a C grade.