Course Topics

    • Perform basic operations with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and integers
    • Demonstrate basic understanding – place value, rounding, order of operations, and ordering
    • Solve basic problems involving percent
    • Compute circumference and area of circle
    • Interpret statistical graphs
    • Calculate mean, median, mode
    • Solve basic algebraic equations and proportions
    • Graph simple linear equations and Cartesian Plane
    • Analyze simple problems
    • Perform basic operations with monomials and binomials
    • Simplify simple algebraic expressions
    • Methods of factoring
    • Quadratic functions


    1 Unit

    Prerequisite:  None

    Satisfies graduation requirements in Mathematics


    Pre-Algebra is offered for those students who have deficiencies in mathematics and who need reinforcement of basic math skills and fundamental concepts.  This course is taught at a slower pace with small class size, fulfilling a student’s Academic Intervention Services (AIS) needs, and the opportunity for them to have an additional lab period to reinforce the lessons taught.  This course is designed for students who scored a 1 on the 8th grade assessment, or earned below a 70% in 8th grade Math and for students who are seeking the Regents diploma. The students will take a local exam in June.