1 Unit

    Prerequisite:  High School Algebra with course grade of 90% or higher and teacher recommendation

    Satisfies graduation requirement in Mathematics

    NCAA Approved


    Geometry H is taught at an honors pace with an average class size.  This course will cover all of the topics of the Geometry Regents course as well as incorporate enrichment topics connected to Geometry.  This course is designed for students seeking the Advanced Regents Diploma, who are college bound with a strong Math/Science aptitude, and have a mathematical goal of taking Pre-Calculus, Calculus AP, and/or AP Statistics in their Senior year.  Students will take the Geometry Regents exam in June. Students who successfully complete this course will take Algebra 2 H the following year.

    Course Topics

    • Module 1: Congruence, Proof and Constructions
    • Module 2: Similarity, Proof and Trigonometry
    • Module 3: Extending to Three Dimensions
    • Module 4: Connecting Algebra and Geometry through Coordinates
    • Module 5: Circles with and without Coordinates