Course Topics

    • Review of Operations on Polynomials and Algebraic Expression
    • New Polynomial Skills (Polynomial Long Divisions)
    • Factoring and Operations on Rational Expression (including Binomial Denominators and Complex Fractions)
    • First-degree Equations and Inequalities in One Variable (including Literal and Verbal)
    • Linear Relations and Functions (including Standard Form of Lines, Function Notation, Composition of Functions)
    • Real Numbers and Radicals (including Rationalizing Binomial Radical Denominators and Radical Equations)
    • Complex Numbers
    • Quadratic Equations (Nature of the Roots, Verbal Problems)
    • Solving System of Equations Algebraically and Graphically (i.e. System of Linear, Quad-linear System)
    • Graphs of Quadratic Functions, Relations, Equations and Inequalities
    • Exponents     

    1 Unit

    Prerequisite:  Algebra DR

    Satisfies graduation requirement in Mathematics

    NCAA Approved

    Integrated Algebra is a continuation of Algebra primarily for students that need a second or third unit of Math who are not necessarily seeking an Advanced Regents Diploma. The students will take a local exam in June.