1 Unit

    Prerequisite:  College Pre-Calculus R, College Pre-Calculus H

    Satisfies graduation requirement in Mathematics

    NCAA Approved

    Students who are enrolled in College Calculus will study limits, derivatives, and the relationship between differentiability and continuity.  They will be able to perform calculations applying course concepts, apply the Fundamental­ Theorem of Integral Calculus, and will perform calculations and operations using a graphing utility. 

    A local exam is given in January and June.  Students may opt to earn four (4) units of credit for this course through SUNY Erie at a reduced tuition rate.  Course credits are generally transferable to most colleges and universities throughout the country as long as the student maintains at least a 70% average.

    Course Topics

    • Functions, Graphs and Limits including Analysis of Graphs, Asymptotic and Unbounded Behavior, and Continuity
    • Derivatives including Concept, at a Point, as a Function, Second Derivatives, Computation, and Applications
    • Integrals including Interpretations, Properties, Applications, Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, Techniques and Applications of Anti-differentiations, and Numerical Approximations