Science Prep


    1 Unit

    Prerequisite:  Reserved for 1st year students of science based on the profile described below

    Satisfies graduation requirement in Science


    This course is designed as an introductory science course for first year science students that fit the profile of exhibiting certain skill deficiencies and/or classified as learning disabled.  The major goal is to prepare the student for a Regents level science course.  The course will stimulate student learning through “hands on” learning experiences that are built around both the Biology and the Earth Science curriculums.  The selected units in Biology include:  the ecology of Western New York, the microscope, and the scientific method.  The selected units in Earth Science include:  weather, climate of Western New York, and formulas and math used in Earth Science.  Students will apply science process skills including:  classifying, inferring, measuring, predicting, defining, graphing, experimenting, interpreting, identifying, and forming hypotheses.  A major emphasis will be placed on science literacy:  reading, interpreting, and comprehending science articles and questions.  Emphasis on measurement and graphing will flow out of both disciplines.  Laboratory activities will be the main vehicle to deliver and reinforce course content.  Science Prep students will go on to either Biology DR or Earth Science  DR the following academic year.  This course ends with a local exam.