AP Physics


    1 Unit

    Recommended:  Strong Honors level work in two Math & Science courses

    Satisfies graduation requirement in Science


    This college-level course includes three laboratory periods per cycle in addition to daily classes.  Unlike AP Biology and Chemistry, AP Physics is most often taken as a first Physics course.  (However, students may take the Physics course above first.  This is a very good idea for those who feel that the pace of the AP course may be too much without a prior background.)  All students in this course are required to take the AP Physics exam formulated by the College Board.  This course ends with the NYS Regents Physics exam.


    The goal of Physics is to construct a mathematical model describing all of nature.  Topics to be explored include mechanics, wave phenomena, electricity and magnetism, and atomic and particle Physics.  The everyday work of a Physics course strengthens students’ math skills, logical reasoning, and problem-solving abilities.