• Frequently Asked Questions:


    May I print?

        Yes.  Students may print in the Computer Center.  Print jobs may be sent to either the black and white photocopier or the color laser printer.

    Is there a charge to print?

        There is no charge to print in black and white; students need to ask permission before printing in color.

    Can I check a magazine out?

        A magazine may be checked out for 5 school days.  The newest issue does not circulate.

    How long can I check a book out for?

        A book may be checked out for 15 school days and may always be renewed

    Can I E-Mail?

        District provided email accounts are the only ones that may be used in the computer center. All other email platforms are blocked on Amherst owned computers.

    Can I play games on the computers?

        NO. This is a direct violation of the computer use policy.  Gaming is not allowed in the Computer Center.