• Frequently Asked Questions: 

    Do I need to sign into the library?

         Yes, all students must use the QR code to sign into the library upon arrival. Students who do not want to use their cell phones may use the tablet at the monitor's desk to sign in.

    Is there a way to print?

        Yes.  Student Chromebooks have been set to print to the library's black and white photocopier. Students who need to print in color should ask Mrs. McMaster for assistance.

    Is there a charge to print?

        There is no charge to print in the library.

    Can I check a magazine out?

        Magazines may be checked out for 5 school days.  The newest issue does not circulate.

    How long can I check a book out for?

        A book may be checked out for 15 school days and may always be renewed.

    How does e-mail work on student Chromebooks?

        District provided email accounts are the only ones that may be used on school issued Chromebooks. Student email accounts have been set up to be able to send email to and receive email from other amherstschools.org email accounts.

    What if I want to go to the library during my lunch?

         Students who wish to eat lunch first and then come to the library should get a pass from Mrs. McMaster before their lunch period. Students who wish to skip their lunch should come directly to the library at the beginning of the period.

    Can I leave the library after the start of a period?

         All students are expected to stay in the library for the entire period. This includes students with Junior/Senior privileges. If a student needs to leave at any point, they must have a pass.