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Important Yearbook Information


     The 2024 Tower Yearbook is on sale now! While we know yearbook delivery may seem far away – we want to make you aware, well in advance, that we do not offer the sale of extra yearbooks in the spring. We do not want any student to miss the opportunity to own a yearbook. Therefore, we are communicating that ALL yearbooks MUST be PRE-ORDERED. Our Back-to-School Sale price is $60 until October 31, 2023 - get yours now for a $25 savings. The price will increase to $75 on November 1, then to $85 on January 8, 2024.


    Yearbooks may be pre-ordered by:

    • Ordering online at www. Walsworth Yearbook Sales (Please be sure to select Amherst Central High School, New York, as there are other Amherst options).
    ALL ORDERS MUST BE RECEIVED BY APRIL 1 to ensure you are able to get a yearbook.
    The Tower Yearbook staff invites students and parents to submit photos for the yearbook.  If you have great photos of our school and community events or you and your friends are just having fun, we would like to see them.  Our photographers cannot be everywhere.  Help us get as many photos as possible to create a terrific, memorable book everyone will want to have.  The Yearbook Staff will review all photos and determine final yearbook content.  We can not guarantee that every submission can or will be used in the book.
    The best way to submit photographs is to email them to us. The email format is yearbook @amherstschool.org (but with no spaces) in a .jpg format. Please select ACTUAL SIZE when you send the picture(s). However, iPhone recently changed the format of pictures from .jpg to HEIC (a high efficiency format) that is not compatible with much of anything, and the quality is very poor. Please (click here) for an instruction sheet to help you change the format on your phones so your cameras are taking .jpg images. This is not a requirement.
    ***Although the yearbook staff will make every effort to ensure that everything is correct at press time, we are a student publication, so small mistakes may appear.  We apologize that we cannot refund the price of your book for any reason. 
    Thank you for your support and patronage.
    Cathy McMaster and Anne Marie Will
    Yearbook Advisors

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