About Us

  • The Amherst Central School District is comprised of two elementary schools, Windermere Boulevard on the west and Smallwood Drive on the east, Amherst Middle School on the south and Amherst Central High School in the middle of the district.  A comprehensive educational program is offered to all students, including those needing special education.

    Smallwood Drive School serves approximately 612 students from kindergarten through grade 5. Windermere Boulevard School serves approximately 681 students from kindergarten through grade 5. The middle school houses grades 6 – 8 and has enrollment of approximately 720 students. The school was built in 1955. The high school, our oldest building, houses 888 students in grades 9 – 12, and offers a variety of courses including numerous advanced placement courses. 

    A Universal Pre-Kindergarten program is available as a half-day program to four-year-old children residing in the district. The program operates from two sites; Windermere Boulevard Elementary School and the community location at Amherst Community Church Child Care Center. Registration is held each spring with rolling admission throughout the year, dependent on location and spaces available.

    Amherst has adopted an expansive plan to incorporate state-of-the-art equipment into every phase of the educational system. Integrated learning environments will enhance the teaching process in vital new ways encouraging problem solving, exploration and creativity in the classroom. The district’s music and art programs have been recognized throughout the state for their excellence. We offer our students a full range of interscholastic and intramural athletic opportunities. 

    The Class of 2020, approximately eighty-seven percent (87%) of our graduates (181) continued their education. Sixty-six percent of our graduates planned to attend a 4 year college and 19% plan to attend a 2 year college. The Board of Cooperative Services (BOCES) provides special occupational and vocational education for some of our students, as well as students of 18 other subscribing school districts.  There are 277 faculty members and support staff of about 254.

    Additional Services:

    • A strong Alumni Foundation funds additional education programs for all the schools, plus oversees periodic reunions and events.

    • There are three PTAs; Smallwood, Windermere and a combined Middle School/High School.

    • By applying for a building permit, the schools may be used by outside organizations whose members are residents.

    Statistics About ACSD

    District Population - 29,700
    Eligible Voters - 23,148
    #Voted 5/21/19 - 4,067
    District square miles - 15
    School District Buildings - 4
    Public School students transported - 2,250
    Private/parochial students transported - 329
    Special Ed. (outside district) - 55 
    Private/parochial buildings in district - 4
    Private/parochial buildings outside district - 32
    Total miles traveled per year - 230,500
    Enrollment (October 2021) - 2,991 (Pre-K - Grade 12)


    2021-2022 Approved Budget - $64,316,000
    True Value Tax Rate - $21.350436