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  • Superintendent Anthony PanellaWelcome to the Superintendent's Office 

    Anthony J. Panella

    Debbie Custodi
    Secretary to the Superintendent and District Clerk

    July 2024

    The end of a school year always brings forth a variety of emotions: excitement, anticipation, happiness, and even some sadness. Many of our students have close relationships with the adults who work in our district as educators, administrators, counselors, psychologists, and social workers. With students spending the next few weeks away from us, and some transitioning from one building to the next or beyond, we have compiled a variety of resources that may be of assistance to parents during this time of transition. They can be found under Summer Resources on the Family Support Center website section. We want all children and families to feel successful throughout the summer and to start the next school year in a good place.

    We are proud to partner with St. Paul’s Lutheran Church on Main Street to offer the  Tiger's Den Food Pantry which can provide food and clothing resources to families in need. The pantry operates year-round.

    Our annual Parade of Graduates brought joy to both our students and staff. A few days before our Class of 2024 seniors officially crossed the stage at graduation, they donned their caps and gowns, filled up three yellow school buses and went back to walk the halls of  their elementary and middle schools.

    The Parade is a festive event with cheering and high fives, but it’s also a bittersweet and emotional culmination for our seniors, and even more so for our faculty. Teachers were scanning the faces of our graduates as they filed past, watching to find those that had been in their class. When they found one of their former students, smiles, tears and hugs were abundant as they reconnected with kids they hadn’t seen in several years. As all this occurred, our current elementary and middle school kids were watching these heartfelt reunions between the seniors and their former teachers. It’s so important for our younger students to witness those connections and to know that their school is a place filled with people who care about all students.

    An important part of our educational mission is about creating a safe, trusting environment for learning to occur. Our faculty and staff do the hard work every day to connect with their students and the Parade of Graduates provided many examples of those lasting connections.

    This summer our Community Education programs has numerous sports camps for kids from grades 1 through 9, with other programs offered throughout the school year. The Community Education program is available to all families within the WNY area. There is no residency requirement to attend a Community Education program. We have openings in all summer camps. The programs are led by certified teachers. Registration is online at

    For families registering new students for school, our registration process starts online and is done through our Central Registrar. The Central Registrar is located at the District office and will assist families through the registration process. We look forward to meeting our new families and wish them a successful school career in our district.