Amherst Central School District Strategic Action Plan 2017-2022

  • The "ACSD 2017-2022 Strategic Action Plan" was thoughtfully developed over a full year. In the spring of 2016, the Amherst Central School District (ACSD) launched a partnership with the Warner School of Education at the University of Rochester to begin a process to create a district strategic plan. This Approved Plan (see below) will provide a comprehensive road map to all that occurs within the ACSD, as well as the partnerships we form within the Amherst community.

    Two forms of data were collected and used for decision making, Qualitative and Quantitative data. Qualitative data came from a variety of sources including parent, staff and student interviews and perception-sharing opportunities.  All district employees, students and residents were invited to attend focus groups and interviews, as well as respond to a survey, answering a variety of questions regarding their perceptions of the district.  Quantitative data came from the New York State Education Department reports, the United States Census, Buffalo Business First as well as Amherst Central School audits and operating budget.

    This data was then analyzed by a district Strategic Planning Council (SPC); this team included 42 stakeholders from the school community including students, teachers, staff and administration, as well as community stakeholders including parents, Board of Education members and community leaders.  Under the facilitation of a member Warner School a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis was conducted to identify key strategic issues within the district.

    The Strategic Planning Council (SPC) identified 3 key "Priority" areas that lay the foundation for our ACSD Strategic Plan and subsequent initiatives, and action steps:
    • Learning and Achievement:  All learners will have access to appropriate and robust learning opportunities and achieve at a high level of growth/achievement.

    • Student Life:  To foster a love of learning through the development of the whole child.

    • Amherst Pride:  To enhance Amherst Pride by fostering relationships between internal and external stakeholders within Amherst and the greater Western NY community.

    Each focus area has multiple initiative and action steps that will provide the actual work of the District, specifically five Action Planning Teams - one at each building and central office.

    *Please view the attached documents for a more in depth view of the ACSD Strategic Plan 2017-2022.  

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