Audit Committee

  • Upcoming meetings: TBD

    The responsibilities of the Audit Committee include the following:

    • Provide recommendations regarding the appointment of the External (Independent) Auditor for the District;
    • Meet with the External (Independent) Auditor prior to the commencement of the audit;
    • Review and discuss with the External (Independent) Auditor any risk assessment of the District's fiscal operations developed as part of the Auditor's responsibilities under governmental auditing standards for a financial statement audit and federal single audit standards if applicable;
    • Receive and review the draft annual audit report and accompanying draft management letter and, working directly with the External (Independent) Auditor, assist the Board of Education in interpreting such documents;
    • Make a recommendation to the Board on accepting the annual audit report; and
    • Review every corrective action plan developed by the School District and assist the Board in its implementation.

    Current Audit Committee Members

    • Mr. Mark Smith, Board Member
    • Mr. Patrick Tan, District Parent
    • Mr. Dominic Vivolo, Board member


    Agendas and Minutes

    Minutes from September 22, 2017 Audit Committee

    Minutes for January 25, 2018 Audit Committee

    Minutes for June 22, 2018 Audit Committee

    Agenda for August 9, 2018 Audit Committee Workshop