New Hire Forms

  • Below is the paperwork you must complete for employment at Amherst Central. Please complete all forms and bring with you on your scheduled appointment.  On the W-4, you do not have to use the worksheet to compute your taxes if you already know your deductions, just mark deductions in the designated spot.
    Note the following:
    • You will need to provide two forms of identification (usually your driver's license and SS card or birth certificate; a passport fulfills both identification requirements). 
    • We also encourage direct deposit - if you are willing to have direct deposit, please bring a voided check.
    • Please confirm your current email address and your emergency contact information for our employee records.
    • WE WILL REQUEST FINGERPRINT CLEARANCE FROM TEACH--You must be fingerprinted - if you have not already been fingerprinted, please go to the web site or by calling (877) 472-6915.
    • Provide a copy of your teaching certificate(s) or statement from TEACH, if applicable. If you were not yet granted certification, please obtain a letter from your college stating that you will be receiving certification, including the date of certification grant.
    • If you are not yet a member of the employee or teacher retirement system (TRS/ERS) and wish to join, we also have forms for you to complete.
    • The 403(b) form and PO-8 form (if required) will be given to you at your appointment so we may discuss with you.

    In addition, ALL FACULTY must provide the following (does NOT apply to substitutes):
    • Provide prior tenure letter, if applicable.
    • Please have your college(s) send your OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS to the Human Resources Department, Amherst Central School District, 55 Kings Highway, Amherst, NY  14226-4330.
    If you have not been contacted already, please call for an appointment to complete additional payroll paperwork in the Payroll/Human Resources Offices located in the District Offices.  

    New Forms Descriptions/Instructions
    Complete Section 1 only, sign and date.  You will need two forms of identification, usually a driver's license and social security card; a passport fulfills both obligations.  The payroll/personnel department will make copies of your identification.
    This form is for Federal income tax withholding purposes.  You do not have to do the calculations on the top of the form if you already know what you claim.  Please complete the bottom portion, sign and date.  Bring entire form with you to your appointment.
    This form is for New York State income tax withholding.  Please complete the top portion, sign and date.
    NYS Retirement System (TRS/LRS)
    A questionnaire regarding membership in the NYS Teachers' or Local Retirement System (TRS/LRS).  If you are currently a member, please make sure you have noted this on the first page of your application.  If you wish to join the NYS retirement system, a form will be provided by the payroll/personnel staff at your appointment.  Complete the form--do not sign until in the presence of a Payroll/Personnel employee.  If you choose not to join the NYS retirement system, please mark "no" on the questionnaire, sign and date.