Character Education

  • Smallwood students participate in research-based programs that meet the guidelines set forth by the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA).  The school psychologist and school social worker go to classrooms and present lessons each week for part of the school year. 

    "Second Step" is taught in grades K-2.  This program encourages students to explore and identify feelings.  Additionally, students learn about and practice empathy, coping strategies and problem solving skills.  

    “Steps to Respect Program: A Bully Prevention Program” is taught in Grades 3-5.  As part of this program, students will learn new skills to help them build friendships and deal with bullying.  Some of the topics covered include making friends, joining group activities, managing conflicts, and recognizing, refusing, and reporting bullying. 

    Both programs help create a positive, safe, and bullying-free learning environment for all students. 

    Values of the Month

    Character education is a significant part of a child’s education at Smallwood.  Each month a different character trait is celebrated.  Good character is recognized throughout the building and students can receive a tiger paw when they are caught using that character trait.  

    Each classroom selects the student that demonstrated the character trait of the month consistently.  A ceremony is broadcast to the entire school and each student receives a "student of the month" certificate.

    We also have TV Announcements on Fridays that reinforce the traits and connects with our PAWS behavior code and mindfulness initiative.

    Here is a list of the Character Traits:

    • September - Tolerance
    • October - Integrity
    • November - Gratitude
    • December - Empathy
    • January - Respect                                                              
    • February - Self-Control
    • March - Courage
    • April - Accepting Responsibility
    • May - Reliability
    • June - Excellence

    Parents/guardians can support our character education program by promoting good character at home and in the community.  Each month a newsletter is sent home to parents with suggested stories to read to their children that incorporate the monthly character trait, as well as other ideas on how to incorporate the skill at home and in our community.


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