Common Special Education Acronyms

  • There are a many new and old special education acronyms.  For your information the following are most commonly used:

    AACAlternative Augmentative Communication      

    ADAAmericans with Disabilities Act

    ADDAttention Deficit Discorder

    ADHDAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

    ADLsActivities of Daily Living

    AFOAnkle Foot Orthosis

    AISAcademic Intervention Services


    APEAdaptive Physical Education

    ASLAmerican Sign Language

    ARAnnual Review

    ASDAutism Spectrum Disorder

    ATAssistive Technology

    BDBehavioral Disorder

    BIPBehavioral Intervention Program

    BISBehavior Intervention Services

    CAChronological Age

    CAPDCentral Auditory Processing Disorder

    CFCystic Fibrosis

    CFRCode of Federal Regulations

    CMCase Manager

    CPCerebral Palsy

    CPSECommittee on Preschool Special Education

    CSECommittee on Special Education

    CSPDComprehensive System of Personnel Development


    DDDevelopmental Delay

    DSDown Syndrome

    DSMDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

    EDEmotional Disturbance

    EDGAREducation Dept. General Administrative Regulations

    EIEarly Intervention

    EPEmergency Placement

    ENLEnglish as a New Language

    ESLEnglish as a Second Language

    ESYExtended School Year

    FAPEFree Appropriate Public Education

    FASFetal Alcohol Syndrome

    FBAFunctional Behavioral Assessment

    FERPAFamily Educational Rights and Privacy Act

    FOIAFreedom of Information Act

    GEGeneral Education

    GTGifted and Talented

    HIHearing Impaired

    IAESInterim Alternative Educational Setting

    ICTIntegrated Co-Teaching

    IDIntellectual Disability

    IDEAIndividuals with Disabilities Education Act

    IEPIndividualized Education Plan

    IESPIndividualized Educational Services Plan

    IFSPIndividualized Family Service Plan

    IHOImpartial Hearing Officer

    IRInitial Referral

    ISTInstructional Support Team

    LDLearning Disability

    LEALocal Education Agency

    LEPLimited English Proficiency

    LOTELanguage Other Than English

    LRELeast Restrictive Environment

    MAMental Age

    MDMultiple Disabilities

    MDMuscular Dystrophy

    MDR/MRT Manifestation Determination Review/Team

    OCDObsessive-Compulsive Disorder

    ODDOppositional Defiance Disorder

    OHIOther Health Impairment

    OIOrthopedic Impairment

    O&MOrientation & Mobility

    OTOccupational Therapy

    PALSPeer-Assisted Learning System

    PDDPervasive Developmental Disability 

    PLEPPresent Level of Educational Performance

    PTPhysical Therapy

    PWDPreschooler With a Disability

    RSRelated Services

    RTIResponse to Intervention

    §Section (as in §300.7 in IDEA)

    SASSupplementary Aids and Services

    SBSpina Bifida

    SCService Coordinator

    SESpecial Education

    SEDState Education Department

    SEPACSpecial Education Parent Advisory Committee

    SESStudent Exit Summary

    SISpeech Impairment

    SLTSpeech/Language Therapy

    SSPSupplementary Support Personnel

    TBITraumatic Brain Injury

    TDDTelecommunication Devices for the Deaf


    TSTourette Syndrome

    TTYTeletypewriter (phone system for individuals with deafness)

    VIVisual Impairment