School Social Work

  • Amherst School Social Workers


    Windermere Boulevard Elementary School

    Leslie Barr – 362-4139

    Joanne Kreher – 362-4251


    Smallwood Drive Elementary School

    Jennifer Noe – 362-2124


    Amherst Middle School

    Pamela Primerano – 362-7175


    Amherst High School

    Daniela Wolfe – 362-8176


    The primary function of School Social Workers is to facilitate the resolution of situations where behavioral and social barriers interfere with a students ability to attain his or her potential.  School Social Workers collaborate with students, school personnel, parents and the community at large.


    Team with Students:


    • Prepare students for success and participation in school and the community
    • Promote problem solving and decision making skills
    • Help students to develop internal control to accept responsibilities and take ownership of their actions
    • Provide individual and group counseling to address stressors such as self-esteem, divorce, death, health issues, abuse, neglect, family violence, homelessness, truancy, anger management, socialization, special education needs and other youth-at- risk concerns ( i.e. alcohol  and drug related issues.)

    Team with Special Education Personnel:


    • Explore all possible interventions with classrooms teachers in an attempt to divert CSE referrals
    • Assist the CSE in the referral process
    • Complete a social history
    • Provide education and support to parents regarding the CSE process
    • Participate as a member of the CSE

    Team with School Personnel:


    • Participate as a member of the Instructional support Teams
    • Consult teacher in addressing their students special needs 

    Team with Parents/Guardians:

    • Encourage parent/guardian involvement to help ensure student success in the home, school, and community
    • Coordinate communications between school and home.
    • Empower parents/guardians to participate and respond to their child’s educational endeavors.
    • Counsel families’ guardians individually and in groups on topics such as problem-solving skills, family crises and other problems that affect learning. 


    Team with Community:


    • Coordinate services between Child Protection agencies, Probation, PINS, diversion programs, and mental health agencies.
    • Maintain open communication among home, school, and community agencies to facilitate the social needs of the child.
    • Help students to prepare for occupational opportunities.

    Within each of our four schools, School Social Workers provide:


    • Individual and Group Counseling addressing such issues as: social skills, changing families, grief and anger management, bullying prevention and victim assistance.
    • Home visits
    • Crisis Intervention
    • Committee  for Special Education Assessment
    • Consultation, liaison and referral for families including FAST referrals (Family Assessment Support Team)
    • Peer Mediation Training and Programming
    • Coordination of Mentoring Programs
    • Holiday Assistance
    • Intervention Programs to address: conflict resolution, family violence, substance abuse, decision making, and healthy lifestyles.