TIES for Volunteers

  • To make any program successful it is essential to have dedication and motivation of volunteers. 

    Volunteers are students within your school district grades 8-12 who want to share their extracurricular interests and make it possible for the participants to experience the learning and fun that's part of the activity.

    After completing an application form and a 45 min. training program, volunteers are paired with participants based on mutual interests, personal attributes and availability. The coordinator develops and explains the participant's support plan and provides ongoing assistance.
    Volunteers support the participants in activities  based on the participants choice. Activities such as YMCA programs, after school clubs, Amherst Youth & Recreation programs, Boy/ Girl Scouts, Religion classes, Drumming Circles and so much more. 

    Some comments made by volunteers over the summer: 

    " I liked watching the children have fun. It made me smile seeing them just be themselves and have fun."
    " I learned that not all disabled children are the same; they are unique in their own way. I also learned that all these kids want is a friend that will treat them normally and look past their disability."

    For more information about TIES visit the website at www.TIESProgram .org