Asbestos Notification

  • July 29, 2022

    Parents, Students and Staff of the Amherst Central School District:

    In compliance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), each of our school buildings was inspected in the fall of 1988 for asbestos containing building materials. In addition to the initial inspections the EPA requires the District to perform reinspections of all asbestos-containing materials every three years and visual checks every six months. These are performed by an accredited asbestos inspector and management planner who makes recommendations to the District on how to best manage the existing asbestos.

    The reinspections and visual surveillance results can be found in the Amherst Central School District’s Asbestos Management Plan.  A master copy of the District’s Plan is located at the District Office in the office of the Director of Facilities. The plan may be reviewed during normal business hours by appointment only.

    The last triennial inspection was completed in June 2022, and the results were sent to the State Education Department in Albany. The next triennial inspection is scheduled for June 2025.

    Since the last notification there were several asbestos abatement projects in the District. Each abatement project was completed by a certified and licensed asbestos removal contractor.  Each abatement project was observed, monitored and tested by a certified and licensed air monitoring firm hired directly by the District. Samples collected were sent to an independent accredited asbestos testing laboratory for analysis.  The abatement projects were directly related to the Capital Construction Project currently ongoing at each building. Quantities of asbestos removed and properly disposed of will be available in the management plan at the conclusion of the construction project.

    The remaining asbestos containing building material (ACBM) in each building consists of 9” x 9” vinyl asbestos floor tiles (VAT), thermal system insulation (TSI), and transite panels.  The VAT that remains is located in most of the classrooms. The TSI remaining can be found in the crawl spaces and pipe chases. The transite panels are in the middle school auditorium, high school attic and south gymnasium. All of the remaining ACBM in our buildings is in good condition and we will continue to monitor and manage it in place.


    Annual Asbestos Notification 2022