WLT: Windermere Leadership Team


    The Windermere Leadership Team (WLT) is a committee that engages in school-based planning and shared decision making to improve the educational achievements of all students.

    The following guidelines have been established to support the commitment of a meaningful process:

    Positive School Climate
    Activities, programs, and interactions that contribute to the psychological and physical health of all students

    Instructional strategies, methodologies, and techniques to improve student performance

    Extra-curriculuar and building intiatives designed to improve student performance
    The Team is comprised of elected representatives including teachers, parents, and administrators.

    2017-2018 Windermere Leadership Team Members
    Julie Flanagan, Principal
    Mary Lavin, Principal
    Adrienne Gummo, Faculty
    Maria Simon, Staff
    Anna Wagner, Staff
    Jennifer Yap, Parent
    Jen McCann, Parent
    Sue Frawley, Parent
    Amie Pistrin-Faust, parent