Coach's Corner - JV

  • JV Field Hockey Our Season:
    Girls JV Field Hockey practices and games are Monday-Fridays.  We play on the grass field located on Kings Highway in front of the Middle School. Preseason starts at the end of August and the season is during the months of September and October. We have a team banquet at the end of the season to celebrate our players achievements.
    About Our Team:
    Our team strives for success on the field and within the classroom. We want to help your daughters become well rounded individuals. On the field we hope to help foster a learning environment where players are comfortable asking questions in order to gain knowledge about the sport. Players will develop and build on their skill and knowledge of the game. They will gain confidence, learn leadership, hard work, determination, mental toughness and how to work in a team setting. These character traits are values we want our players to bring back to the classroom as well. We want our players to have fun and enjoy the sport while continually growing and developing as individuals.
    Coaching Staff
    Coach: Emily Warren Zimmer
    Voicemail: (716)713-2052
      2017-2018 Puerto Rico Fundraiser