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    Varsity Football
    About Amherst Varsity Football
    The Amherst Football team competes in Section VI, Class A, North Division.
    Mission Statement
    The Amherst Football Program exists to enhance the educational process of student-athletes. The focus of the Program is to provide a rigorous, fun and engaging experience that offers the highest level of instruction on the fundamental techniques of football. Additionally, the Program strives to develop healthy behaviors, strong character traits and positive citizenship among its’ participants.
    Vision Statement
    The Amherst Football Program will consistently field teams that are disciplined, fundamentally sound, and hard-working. Team members will continually strive to reach their own potential while working as a team toward common goals. They will represent the Program with pride, integrity, and good character both on and off the field.
    Coaching Staff
    Coaches: Jason Beckman, Jeff Sabatino, Colin Brinson
    Voicemail: 716-551-1418

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