Squad Rules

    COACH - Bobby DiNunzio
    YEAR - 2019
    SQUAD RULES: (Plus Code of Conduct and no tolerance what so ever!)
    A - Attendance - Must attend all meetings, practices, games, team functions, etc. and be on time & stay for the duration of all. With the exception of a written notice 24 hrs. in advance from a parent. (Including to & from away games)
    M - Model - Be a good model! You are representing yourself, the team, the school, & community. 
    H - Heart - You can't measure one! Put all of your heart into everything you do. Like what you do, don't do what you like!
    E - Expectation - I expect each player to give 110% & play to his best potential & ability. Mistakes will be made, but there is no excuse for not trying or not out working your opponent.
    R - Respect - All players must respect other players, equipment, facilities, coaches, referees, fields, & fans at all times.
    S - Student - You are a student/athlete... Student is first!
    T - Team - Although there are 18 players on this team, all 18 will not play every game. It may be different each game, it's up to each player to show he deserves to play!