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    About Amherst Varsity Tennis 2021
    This year the Amherst Varsity tennis team will start practicing on August 23, 2021. The first week of practices will mostly be from 6-8PM at the HS Courts. Tryouts will be on the first 3 daya. After that we will assign each student to either the JV or Varsity squad. Please make sure you have your physical updated with the school nurse by then. We can take care of all the other forms as we get going. If you are in going into 7th or 8th grade you must have taken the APP with Mr. Wheaton and passed. If you passed last year then you do NOT need to pass the fitness test again BUT you do have to turn in your permission forms to Mr. Wheaton. Please contact the athletic office at 362-3021 with questions or concerns.
    This year's varsity schedule will feature 10 divisional matches against Division 2 schools: Will South, Will East, Hamburg, Sweet Home and Starpoint. We will be playing non league matches against Will North, Lancaster, East Aurora and Maryvale. The ECIC tournament and Sectionals are still going to be scheduled. Along with the regular schedule there will be a team championship on several dates. Once you start, the team keeps playing until they are knocked out of the tournament.
    There will be 3 starters in singles and 2 doubles teams for each match. Other players will be competing in exhibition matches. All tennis players will be strengthening their game through fundamentals, ground strokes, serves, volleys and overall match strategy. Everybody on the team is expected to be a team player, and treat opposing players, coaches, teammates and themselves with respect. 
    Please make sure your physicals are up to date with the school nurse. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at:

    Let's have a great season!!
    Coach Biddle
Amherst/Maryvale Practice @ Miller!!!

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