Hall of Fame Inductees

  • 2022 Ceremony

    All inductees are nominated for consideration in the Athletics Hall of Fame. The 2022 induction ceremony for the Athletics Hall of Fame was held Friday, Sept. 30 during Homecoming. View the 2022 Hall of Fame booklet.

    Thomas TaylorThomas Taylor, Class of 1967
    Tom was an outstanding three-sport athlete for the Tigers. He was the quarterback for the football team, a guard on the basketball team and an infielder on the baseball team. What really separated Tom was his leadership qualities. He was a great teammate beloved by his peers. Tragically after his senior year in basketball he was diagnosed with cancer and had his leg amputated just above the knee. That didn’t stop him from riding the team bus to away games to support his baseball teammates. Tom unfortunately succumbed to the disease within 2 years. The Tom Taylor award is presented every year in his honor to an Amherst Central High School student who is an outstanding athlete, good student, and has leadership qualities.

    Chuck DaviesChuck Davies, Class of 1972
    Chuck was a three-sport athlete playing football, hockey and baseball. He set the record at the time for most passing yardage in a football game. During his senior baseball season, he hit over .400 and was selected to the All Star team. He went on to play hockey at the University at Buffalo and played on two national championship juniors teams.


    Mike MooneyMike Mooney, Class of 1979
    During his time at Amherst, Mike was a three-sport athlete in soccer, basketball and baseball. He contributed to sectional championships in soccer in 1977 and 1978. He then went on to become the Director of Athletics at SUNY Geneseo, retiring in 2022 after serving in that role for 12 years.


    Alli RogersAlli Rogers, Class of 2009
    Alli was a two-sport athlete at Amherst in soccer and track & field. She was a four-year letter winner in track & field and held the school record in the 100, 200 and 400M. Alli went on to run track & field at the University of Albany where she set a school record in the 400M with a 55.19 championship time.


  • 2019 Inductees
    Kristen Ortman Maines (2002)
    Emily Warren-Zimmer (2006)

    2018 Inductees
    Kristy Grossman (1998)
    Victoria Mitchell (1987)
    Donald W. Munson (Principal and coach)
    Kim Rustay (1967)

    2017 Inductees
    Janet Battaglia (Coach)
    Jodi Battaglia (2007)
    Taylor Ebsary (2006)
    Norman Foster (Coach)

    (2012-2016 No Hall of Fame Inductees)

    2011 Inductees
    Lauren Bruce (2001)
    Jennifer Koeppel (2001)
    Mark Rubin (2004)

    2010 Inductees
    Matt Haefner (2000)
    Molly Dempsey (2000)
    Michael Driscoll (1968)  


  • 2009 Inductees
    Donald Wagner (1948)
    Thomas Brown (1995)
    Brendan Ferretti (1997)

    2008 Inductees
    James Lynch (1960)
    Adam Oppenheimer (1998)

    2007 Inductees 
    Kenneth Butka-Coach
    David Russell (1994)
    Kyle Shinners (1997)

    2006 Inductees
    Theodore Totman (1956)
    Willie Watson (1994)
    Erik Rusin (1995)

    2005 Inductees
    James Reynard (1974)
    Thomas Tripp (Staff)
    Jeffrey Tripp (1994)

    2004 Inductees
    Brian Caldwell (1970)
    Shannon Ferretti (1994)
    Gary Hess (1970)

    2003 Inductees
    Taach Brown (1993)
    Henry F. Degener (1964)

    2002 Inductees
    George Ramsey (1951)
    Gayle Terwilliger Michalak (1958)
    Dennis Dubois (1962)

    2001 Inductees
    Richard L. Gernold (1956)
    Joseph F. Martin ( )
    Kevin J. McGuire ( )

    2000 Inductees
    John Geyer (1945)
    Robert F. Geyer (1955)
    Robert R. Sharp (1957)
    Thomas Lehman (1965)

1990 - 1999

  • 1999 Inductees
    William Powell (1943)
    Silas L. Manspeaker (1953)
    George Guenther (1954)
    Nicholas T. Shosho (1958)
    Thomas A. Teach (1964)
    Gerald Wright (Staff)

    1998 Inductees 
    Joseph A. Caggiano (1960)
    Patricia Lynn Freeman (1973)
    Isabel Husband-Staff Member 
    John Krochmal (1948)
    Martin Meidel (1951)
    William Wratten-Coach

    1997 Inductees
    Paul Domroes (1950)
    Ellwood Friedrich (1955)
    James Rudolph (1975)
    Angela Y. Coniglio (1984)
    David Grabenstatter (1987)

    1996 Inductees
    Gary Runckel (1954)
    D. Garry Munson (1962)
    Carolyn Parkman (1962)
    Peter Chudy (1957)

    1995 Inductees 
    Erik F. Berg (1983)
    Thomas Bobenread (1963)
    William Gilbert (1945)
    Erin Hurley (1984)

    1994 Inductees
    Charles McNerney (1953)
    Delancy Smith (1966)
    Barbara Creighton (1981)
    Gerald Quinlivan (1981)
    James West (Staff)

    1993 Inductees
    Edward Berger (1948)
    Joseph Steinmetz Jr. (1969)
    Maureen Burke (1982)
    Robert McAllister (Staff)

    1992 Inductees
    William Sanford (1938)
    Alan Schaefer (1941)
    John Gerdelman (1971)
    Giana Marrone Phelan (1979)

    1991 Inductees
    Arthur Kreger (1934)
    Roy Fowler (1952)
    Carolyn Lehr (1959)
    Richard Walsh (1976)

    1990 Inductees
    Eugene Schmidt (1938)
    Donald Phillips (1948)
    David Baldwin (1957)
    Nick Kish (1964)
    Stuart Isaac (1970)
    Michael McGuire (1970)
    Bea Massman (Coach)
    Milt Bergman (Staff)
    Robert Hettler (Staff)