• Track and Field @ Amherst Middle School


    Coaches Shelly Currie, Patrick O’Donnell



    Attendance Policy


    Members of the Amherst Middle School Modified Track and Field team are expected to participate in all practices and meets.  We will have a strict attendance policy for practices and meets.

    •        Students will be excused from practice if they are absent from school or there is a

    need to stay after school with a teacher for extra help (a note from the teacher

    should be provided when you come to practice after the extra help session).

    •        Students will be allowed 2 unexcused absences from practice.  Please provide a

    note to explain why you missed practice (i.e. doctor’s appointment).  Coaches

    reserve the right to remove an athlete from the team if more than 2 unexcused

    practices are missed.

    •        All athletes must attend 10 practices before participating in the first meet because it

    is a scrimmage.  All athletes must attend 15 practices before participating in the

    second meet.  You are strongly discouraged from missing any practice before the first 2 meets as it may affect your ability to compete in the first 2 meets.

    •        Students are expected to be picked up promptly after practice.  We appreciate your

    help and consideration.     

    Practice Attire


    Athletes must adhere to the Middle School Dress Code Policy.  Please remember to wear appropriate clothing to practice.  It is strongly recommended you wear running sneakers to participate in track and field (dress shoes, boots, etc. can cause an injury).

    •        Please dress for the elements.  We will run outside most of the season.  Be

    prepared with a hat, clothes, warm clothing, and rain gear if needed.

    •        If you are not adequately prepared for the elements, you will not practice and the

    practice will count as an unexcused absence.  


    Modified Track Meets and Competition Calendar

    Meet #







    Amherst Central High School (against Starpoint)




    Holland Central High School




    Iroquois Central High School




    Hamburg Central High School




    Amherst Central High School (against JFK)




    Cheektowaga High School


    Please remember to bring:

    •         Your uniform – Amherst Track and Field T-Shirt, Black Shorts,


    •         Please bring a water bottle to each meet.
    •         Depending on the weather, we recommend wearing a sweatshirt,

    sweatpants, and coat and rain gear while sitting in the stands.

    •         If your parent picks you up from the meet, they must sign out

    with Coach Currie or Coach O’Donnell before you leave.  **If you

    are riding home with someone other than your parents, you must provide Coach Currie or Coach O’Donnell with a note before you leave and the person driving you home must sign out with us before leaving the meet.

    •         No jewelry is allowed while competing.  We recommend leaving these

    items at home or in your backpack before the meet.