• 2023 Amherst Varsity/JV Tennis Season

    Coach Paul Biddle (716-440-6781) pbiddle@amherstschools.org 

    Coach Karen Redding (kredding@amherstschools.org)


    No-Cut PolicyNo students will be cut from the tennis program. All students will be selected to either the JV or Varsity team as determined by the coaches. If a student is assigned to a JV team and chooses not to compete, they are not eligible to try out for Varsity the following season.


    Tennis Team Goals:

    Provide all players with a basic and intermediate knowledge of tennis. This includes the four major strokes: forehand, backhand, volleys, and serving. We will also be working on overheads, drop shorts, match strategy, keeping score and positional play.

    To teach our players about team commitment, respect, hard work on and off the tennis courts.

    Team leadership – picking one or two team captains.

    One of the most important components to a successful tennis team is that it should be fun. The key objective is to learn, to share, to grow and to have fun.


    Meets at Home

    Everyone must be on time and have all the proper essentials, such as an appropriate uniform, tennis racquet and any snacks to keep up energy.

    Everyone must stay in the tennis area until the entire meet is completed, unless you have permission prior to the match from the coach.


    Away Meets

    Everyone must stay for the entire tennis match.

    Everyone must come back on the bus UNLESS signed-out by a parent or guardian (who has proper identification).


    Scheduling Conflicts

    Please let me know at least one day in advance if you plan on missing practice.

    Please let me know at least one week in advance if you plan on missing a match.

    Either absence requires a valid reason/note from a parent!



    3 singles players

    2 doubles teams

    Exhibition – TBA by Coach



    Please visit www.amherstschools.org

    This website contains information on scheduling, weather, directions to away meets, coaching staff information and program information.

    ATHLETIC HOTLINE: 362-8290

    ATHLETIC OFFICE: 362-3021



    Each player will be assigned a team uniform that must be returned at the end of the season.


    Team Etiquette:        

    Please respect your coach, your opponents, your team mates and yourselves! No profanity on the courts!!