Unpaid Balances Payment Guide


    Instructions for Paying Balances for the 2017-18 Before & After School Program (Printable version)

    Select the Parent Portal button

    • Log into your Revtrak Account
    • Using your Revtrak account Email Address and Password, log in to your RevTrak account.
    • Select “My Account” from the top navigation bar on your screen.
    • Within the “My Account” page, select the “Parent Portal” button that should appear just between the “Account” and “Payment” sections of your account.
    • This button will bring you to a screen where you can view all registrations with balance that exist within your account.


      Registration and balance details area Parent Portal 

    • To add an unpaid balance to your cart, select the Shopping Cart icon next to a registration. *NOTE: Do not select the credit card icon as this will simply update card information, not process a payment.

    • If given the option, select or enter the exact amount you would like to pay at this time. *NOTE: If your account balance is past due be required to pay the past due balance in full.

    • Your Shopping Cart will appear on your screen, showing all items that have been added to your shopping cart. When you are ready to process the payment select Checkout, within your Shopping Cart.

    • Within the Checkout screen, you can verify your billing address and Select a Payment Option, prior to hitting “Complete Order”.

    • When you hit “Complete Order”, your payment will be processed and a Receipt will appear. Your receipt will also be emailed to the address on file.