Budget and Election 2020-21

  • Many thanks to our wonderful community for passing our 2020-21 budget with a 79% approval rating. Results for Proposition I: Budget of $62,423,000 passed - Yes, 3193; No, 874. Elected Board Members: Two candidates receiving the largest number of votes to be elected for three-year terms (uncontested) - Jessica McLaughlin, 3436; Mark Smith, 3212.

    Board of Education Budget Vote and Election - By Mail Extended to June 16; Hand Delivery deadline remains June 9

    UPDATE: On June 7, 2020, Gov. Cuomo extended the mailing deadline for school districts to receive school budget ballots. Pursuant to the executive order, mailed ballots must be received in the District Clerk’s office no later than June 16 at 5 p.m. to be counted. Under the order, the deadline to return ballots by hand-delivery remains June 9 at 5 p.m. A ballot collection box will be placed at the District Office entry door (enter off Saratoga Drive parking lot) between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on June 9, 2020 for hand deliveries. After 5 p.m. on June 9 the ballot collection box will be removed.

    On May 1, 2020, Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued Executive Order No. 202.26 which modifies the rules under which school districts are to conduct the 2020 annual meeting for the election of school board members and budget votes. Under the order,
    • School board elections and budget votes originally scheduled for May 19, 2020 will now take place on June 9, 2020.
    • The annual meeting for the election of school board members and budget votes will take place remotely.
    • Qualified voters will vote only by absentee ballot.
    • All absentee ballots must be returned to the District Clerk by 5 p.m. June 9, 2020.
    • The signature requirement for Board of Education candidates has been suspended. Deadline for notarized petitions for Board of Education candidates is May 11, 2020.

    Proposition 1: The Amherst Central School District budget of $62,423,000 for the 2020-2021 school year.

    Board of Education Election: The election of two members to the Board of Education for a three-year term.

    Click here to view a sample of the absentee ballot (the ballot will be mailed to all eligible voters on May 27, 2020).

    Budget At A Glance
    • 2020-2021 Proposed Budget - $62,423,000
    • Tax Levy Increase - 2.39%
    • Estimated Tax Rate Increase - 1.70%

    Adjourned Public Hearing
    An Adjourned Public Hearing will be conducted remotely on May 26 at 7 p.m.
    If you are interested in participating in the Public Hearing, please email the District Clerk at dcustodi@amherstschools.org by 4:00 pm May 26. A link to the meeting will be emailed to you 1 hour prior to the meeting.
    View the Public Hearing Here.

    Voter Eligibility
    To qualify as a voter, a person must be:
    • a citizen of the United States
    • at least 18 years old
    • a resident of Amherst Central School District for at least 30 days prior to June 9, 2020.
      (Education Law § 2012)
    Apartment dwellers who meet these qualifications are eligible. No prior registration is required and residents do not have to be registered voters. (Education Law § 2012)

    Absentee Ballot Process
    The budget vote and election of school board members will take place by absentee ballot only. Absentee ballots will be mailed to registered voters. They are expected to arrive at homes on or after May 29, 2020.

    If you have not received a ballot by June 2, 2020, please request a ballot from the District Clerk via email at dcustodi@amherstschools.org. If you are not registered but meet the voter eligibility requirements as a qualified voter listed in the Voter Eligibility above, you may request a ballot. You can also verify that you are on the Registered Voter Mailing List.
    Military Ballots
    If you are presently serving in the military and would like to vote in the upcoming school budget and board of education election on Tuesday, June 9, 2020, please click here to have an absentee ballot sent directly to you. Should you have any questions, please contact Debbue Custodi, District Clerk, by phone at (716) 362-3051 or via email at dcustodi@amherstschools.org.

    Process to Return Your Absentee Ballot
    The absentee ballot packet contains an information postcard, the ballot and two envelopes.
    1. Complete the ballot as directed. Please read directions carefully.
    2. Sign the voter attestation declaration and enclose your ballot in that envelope.
    3. Seal the ballot envelope and insert it into the envelope to be returned to the District Clerk. Please remember to legibly include your name and address on the return envelope.
    4. Return your ballot. If you are mailing your ballot, no postage is required. Should you need to return your ballot in person, it can only be done on June 9. A ballot collection box will be placed inside the District Office entry door (enter off Saratoga Drive parking lot) between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on June 9, 2020. Deadline to return is 5 p.m.


    Budget Resources
    View the Budget Documents below.