Phase 2: By Building

  • Summer 2019 Office Locations and Hours
    District office hours: 8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
    Smallwood Drive and Windermere Boulevard hours: 7 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

    Starting June 26 through Aug. 26, summer construction for Phase II of the 2016 Capital Project will happen at Amherst Middle School and Amherst Central High School. As major construction begins throughout both the high and middle school; several offices and programs are moved to new locations.

    Amherst Central High School

    • Berryman Drive parking lot will not be accessible.
    • Washington Highway lot is for 12-month staff only.
    • Westmoreland Road lot will be used by students and community members with entrance through back entrance (door #13).
    • Access to the high school tennis courts, turf field and track will be through the Westmoreland gate which will be open 5 a.m. to 9 p.m.
    • ACHS Summer School students will use Westmoreland Road entrance.
    • Student Services counselors will be relocated to Windermere Boulevard.
    • ACHS Main Office clerical, Student Services clerical and Athletics clerical will be relocated to Smallwood Drive library.
    • ACHS Administration will be relocated by the ACHS basement faculty room.  
    • The Amherst Alumni office will be relocated to the ACHS boys Sportsplex locker room and office.
    • No telephone service at ACHS from July 1-3. - Normal ACHS phone extensions will be maintained after July 3.  
    • August 13 and 14 - High School exams will be held in fifth grade wing of Smallwood Drive.
    • August 26 - tentative date for 2019 Project Adventure Day/Freshman and New Student Orientation
    • August  26 – ACHS building is open to all staff and teachers.

    Amherst Middle School 

    • Saratoga Road parking lot will not be accessible until the end of August.
    • The AMS baseball/softball fields, tennis courts and small playground will not be available for use.
    • Twelve-month staff to use temporary parking lot in front of building across Kings Highway.
    • Amherst Middle School Main Office and Administration will be housed at Smallwood Drive Elementary School library from June 26 – Aug. 26.
    • Amherst Middle School will be closed for the summer while new windows are installed in the instructional areas.
    • Building will be opened to staff and teachers at end of August.
    • Amherst Middle School Summer School program will be housed in fifth grade wing of Smallwood Drive Elementary School from July 8 – Aug. 8.

    Community Education

    • Community Education program will be housed at Windermere Boulevard Elementary School from July 8 – Aug. 9.

    District Office

    • Visitors to district office to use temporary parking lot in front of building across Kings Highway. 
    • District offices will not move, although visitors will use a different entry. Entry to the Amherst CSD Administrative offices will be at the side entrance at front of Amherst Middle School, off Kings Highway, near the bike racks. Visitors will use a buzzer/intercom at the side entrance door which rings at the reception desk. They will be met at the door by the person they are visiting.

Phase 2: Scope of Work

  • Phase 2: Amherst Central High School

    • Music room renovations
    • Corridor renovations (paint, ceilings, lighting)
    • Locker replacement
    • Main entry - finish upgrades
    • Interior stairwell fire door and frame
    • Phase 2-3 work; accessibility improvements (ADA compliance), window replacement, interior finish replacement, technology upgrades, HVAC and plumbing system improvements

    Phase 2: Amherst Middle School

    • Window replacement
    • HVAC improvements
    • Parking lot improvements - Saratoga Road entrance
    • Site stormwater system improvements
    • Reconfigure bus loop
    • Sidewalk installation (walkway near fields)
    • Tennis court resurfacing

    Phase 2: Smallwood Drive and Windermere Boulevard Elementary Schools

    • Upgrade to building infrastructure plumbing systems