• Athletic Placement Process (APP) Fall 2024

    7th & 8th students that have an interest in trying out for a high school level fall sport must pass the APP process. The APP process is intended for "exceptional" student-athletes that are physically, mentally and socially ready to compete at the high school level. Fall 2024 APP Protocol & Information

    Physical Fitness Testing Fall 2024

    The physical fitness testing area is open to only student-athletes being tested and coaches. Student-athletes need to bring fitness clothing (sneakers, shorts, t-shirt). The test typically lasts for 1 hour. All student-athletes being tested must arrive on time. Student-athletes will need to be picked up at school at the conclusion of the test. Student-athletes need to be physically prepared and train to pass the fitness test. 

    Test Date/Locations (Fall 2024): Fall sports APP fitness testing will be conducted at the Middle School South Gym August 14 from 11:30 am-12:30 p.m.

    For full details about the APP process and related documents, please visit the Athletic Placement Process section of our Athletics website.