Register to Attend a Private, Parochial or Charter School

  • Students who reside in the Amherst Central School District, but are enrolled in private, parochial, or charter schools need to register with the ACSD annuallyYou may now register your child online using Family Connection.

New Families

  • (If you do not have a Family Connection account)

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    Register your child online using Family Connection

    Step 1. Create Account. 
    Help Documents: Create Account, Register a Student

    Step 2. Log into Family Connection with your username and password. Select “Register New Student” and complete the online registration process. There are seven pages to complete and this may take 20-30 minutes. You may save the form and return to the registration at any time by selecting “Save and Return to Home” button at the top of the page.

    The following information will need to be completed: 

    1. Student Information
    2. Additional Information & Transportation Request
    3. Student Race and Ethnicity
    4. Residency Questionnaire
    5. Proofs of Residency & Health and Immunization Uploads
    6. Parents/Guardians and Contacts
    7. Home Language Questionnaire

    Step 3. Upload all required documentation: Proofs of Residency-two required, Parent/Guardian Identification, Proof of Student Age, Health and Immunization Records (See Student Enrollment Checklist and Residency Guidelines).

    Help for uploading documents.

    Step 4. Submit registration for approval by ACSD. If you do not submit, the registration will not be sent to Amherst Central Schools. Upon receipt of all documentation, ACSD will contact you regarding your child’s registration.

    Step 5. Repeat the process for each child.

Current Families

  • (If you have a Family Connection account)

    Log in to your Family Connection account to update information for a current student or to annually register an existing student.

    Follow Step 2 through Step 5 listed in the New Families column to the left to register a new student.