College Portfolio Design


    1 Unit

    Prerequisite:  Full year Studio in Art plus additional art courses

    Satisfies graduation requirement in Fine Arts                                                      


    Students will learn to organize and prepare a portfolio (both physical and digital) which demonstrates their ability to utilize a wide range of art materials and techniques.  The work produced will demonstrate a breadth of art techniques and skills as well as being designed to submit to most colleges requiring a portfolio for admission. During the year students will be critiquing their own ongoing work as well as relating their work to that of current and historical professional artists.  Students will utilize this course to not only sharpen current skills, but to learn and master new techniques of their own personal interest.  Interested students can submit their portfolio for the AP Studio in Art 2-D to earn AP credit, but is not a requirement for the course. The final assessment will consist of students submitting a portfolio of 12 pieces to be reviewed by the high school fine arts department collectively.