Dean of Students & Attendance

  • Parents, Families, Students, and Community Members,

    Meet our new Dean of Students, Assistant Principal Ms. Heather Krystofiak
    Heather Krystofiak
    Assistant Principal - Dean of Students


    Dean of Students and Attendance Office Staff
    Maria Bennett - Building Aide
    Matt Dyrek - Building Aide
    Dan Robinson - Building Aide
    Mark Tayler - Administrative Assistant - Dean of Students Office
    Kim Tetreault - Administrative Assistant - Attendance Office


    Student Drop OffFrom 7-9 a.m., please drop students off at the Westmoreland back loop, the Washington lot, or the Main St. front U. Do not use the Berryman Parking Lot, as this will be closed to two-way traffic during this time.

    After Hours PoliciesFollowing dismissal of the regular school day, clubs, sports, or other school-sponsored activities, students must leave school grounds. Loitering on school property will not be permitted. Late buses are only for students with acceptable reasons.