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    Anthony J. Panella
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    Debbie Custodi
    Secretary to the Superintendent and District Clerk
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    November 2020

    The 2020-21 school year is well underway at Amherst Central School District. Yes, school certainly looks different than any other year we’ve encountered. However, everyone is making the best of it. I see so many of our team members happy to be together – engaged in learning with colleagues and students. I am proud of the efforts and excitement you are putting forth to benefit the children in our district. 

    A big and deeply sincere thank you to our students, staff, parents, and community for putting together a comprehensive reopening plan. Adhering to the recommended protocols will provide the best foundation for keeping our schools open.

    Countless hours and resources were dedicated to ensuring we experience a safe return to school. Together, we are amid a school year like no other. Without question, we can expect additional challenges we’ve never encountered before. To persevere as a school community, we must remain unified and perform at our very best.  

    The leadership team at Amherst School District continues to keep health and safety at the forefront of our operations. We have a stable supply of face masks and cleaning supplies. We are in communication with the Erie County Department of Health regarding local trends and health recommendations. We frequently share information through email and on our website.

    Throughout the holiday season, we must be vigilant about social distancing, mask wearing, and hygiene. Like you, I long for a large family gathering coupled with food, laughter, and hugs. This year, however, will be a bit different. We’re all being asked to modify our traditions to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Our gatherings will be smaller. We may not have access to regional celebrations. And, despite the strides we’ve made, the stress of the virus still looms over us.

    I write these words to remind you that you are not alone. We’re all feeling this way and it is important to stay strong. Now more than ever, our personal health is a shared responsibility. We have only come this far because of our community-wide effort to responsibly practice social distancing and wear face coverings.

    Unity as a school community also extends beyond our modified COVID-19 operations. Amherst Schools wants you to remember who we are; to remember that we are “One Amherst” and we respect all, value diversity, and remain committed to being united as a district regardless of political beliefs.

    This month’s presidential election has put a national spotlight on interactions between neighbors and friends across our country who are openly divided on many issues. In Amherst, we don’t expect everyone to agree on all issues. Yet within our district, our expectation remains that we respect different points of view and value one another as individuals. Throughout life, we continue to find people whose opinions we don’t agree with and whose minds we cannot change. But how we choose to handle that will determine the type of person we are. Our district becomes stronger when we draw together instead of apart.