Student Council

  • Advisor: Mr. Banas/Ms. Boyer 

    Student Council is a group elected from a body of students to serve as  representatives, and play a very important role in our school.  They are chosen by their classmates to organize social and extracurricular activities, and to participate in the government process of the school.  They help share students' ideas, interests, and concerns with the teachers and building administration, help students raise funds for school wide projects, and assist the community when they are in need of aid.  Being a member of Student Council helps our students become responsible and active members of the community. We have many activities throughout the year. Please check the high school calendar for a list of events.   

    2021-22 Students Council Officers:

    President -  Quinten Rondeau

    Vice President - Margaret Scherrer

    Secretary - Eric Kay

    Treasurer - Meredith Ernst