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  • 2019 Academic Profile

    Amherst Central High School
    4301 Main Street, Amherst, New York 14226
    (716) 362-8100 Fax: (716) 836-4972

    CEEB: 335225

    Amherst Central High School 

    Gregory K. Pigeon, Principal
    Nancy Ables, Assistant Principal
    Scott Lawniczak  Dean of Students
    Student Services: (716) 362-8170
    David E. Benton, Chair  362- 8169
    Laurie LeGoff 362-8174
    Sherry Ciurczak 362- 8172
    Kristi Scalzo 362-8173
    Daniela Wolfe - Social Worker 362-8176
    Stewart Christy School Psychologist 362-8168


    AMHERST is a highly academic, comprehensive public high school in suburban Buffalo, NY, with a population of about 800 students in grades 9 – 12. The Amherst Central School District was recently ranked 8th out of 97 public and private Western New York School Districts by Business First Magazine based on factors including state assessments, diploma types and graduation rates. Our high school ranked 9th in SAT scores and 5th in AP scores; 83% of our students scored 3 or better on the AP exams this year. With a full range of Honors and Advanced Placement courses, 18 varsity sports for males and females, a vocal/instrumental music program involving nearly half the student body, and a highly dedicated staff, our students consistently pursue challenging career and educational goals.

    CLASS OF 2019

    • 89% of seniors went on to further their education (71% to 4-year colleges/universities; 18% to 2-year schools).
    • 39% of our graduates earned an Advanced New York State Diploma.
    • 20% of our graduates earned an Advanced Diploma with Honors based on averaging 90% or higher on 8 required State Regents Assessments.
    • This year’s seniors filed 940 applications at 214 different colleges and universities, and many were accepted at some of the most prestigious schools in the country.
    • Average SAT scores were 579 ERW, 594 Mwhile average ACT composite was 24.8.


    Although calculations of formal assessments weigh heavily in the determination of marks, there is not necessarily a perfect correlation between test averages and the course mark given. In the final analysis, the teacher assigns the mark based on the totality of work done inside and outside of class during a given time period. Teacher course descriptions, given to all students, indicate specific requirements for each course along with the factors considered in determining student marks. The teacher’s decision is based on the degree to which the student has met the standards for the course. 


    90-100 - Distinguished Performance
    80-89 - Proficient Performance
    70-79 - Competent Performance
    65-69 - Minimally Competent Performance
    Below 65 Performance Not Meeting Minimal Stds.

    If it is to the advantage of our students to provide alphabetical equivalents to our numerical grades, the following conversion table may be used: A+ 98-100, A 93-97, A- 90-92, B+ 87-89, B 83-86, B- 80-82, C+ 77-79, C 73-76, C- 70-72, D+ 69, D 66-68, D- 65, F Below 65.     


    The following New York State Regents assessments are required for a high school diploma:
    Regents Diploma students must score a minimum of 65% on 5 Regents exams: Math (Algebra, Geometry, or Algebra 2 & Trig), Global History and Geography, US History an Government, Comprehensive English, and one of the sciences (Earth Science, Biology, chemistry, or Physics). Regents with Advanced Designation requires successful completion of 3 additional Regents exams: one (1) additional science (Earth Science, biology, Chemistry, or Physics), two (2) additional math (Geometry R and Algebra II Trigonometry R) as well as a district developed language exam. A five-unit sequence in fine arts, business, or career and technology may replace the 3-unit language sequence for an Advanced Diploma. With Honors: In order to obtain the "With Honors" designation; Regents: Students must have a 90% average on 5 Regents exams. Advanced: Students must have a 90% average on 8 Regents exams depending on curriculum choice. Mastery in Math and/or Science: Students scoring 85% or higher on 3 math and/or science regents exams.


    GPA’s and class rank are based on final grades for all courses completed at Amherst Central High School only. Rank includes all students graduating in the class of 2017 who have completed a minimum of four semesters at Amherst Central High School. The rank also includes students approved for early graduation. The grade weighting scale below was used to compute those averages. The qualifying GPA for Honor Roll is 85, and for High Honor Roll is 92.5.


    Advanced Placement x1.1
    Honors/College x1.05
    Regents/DR/NR x1.0
    Class rank is calculated using weighted grades. Individual course grades appear on the transcript as unweighted grades.


    Courses are offered on varying levels. Students are assigned on the basis of standardized tests, past achievement, and faculty recommendation. Such placement is indicated by the following suffixes: 

    AP - Preparation for Advanced Placement Tests of the College Entrance Examination Board. AP Courses are offered in:  

    English Lit & Comp*
    US History
    Art Seminar
    English Lang & Comp
    Calculus AB*
    European History
    Govt & Pol*
    Statistics AP
    Psychology AP

    *traditionally 12th grade courses

    Advanced Studies - Partnership through the State University of New York at Buffalo for college credit.

    College Precalculus R (Honors weight
    College Precalculus H (AP weight)
    College Web Design (Honors weight)
    College Calculus (AP weight)
    College Computer Applications (Honors weight)
    College Accounting (Honors weight)
    College Spanish 4 (Honors weight)
    College Spanish 5 (AP weight)
    College French 4 (Honors weight)
    College French 5 (AP weight)
    College Art Drawing

    H - Honors program for students of superior aptitude and achievement.
    R - Regents – The regular, standard curriculum for this grade and subject for students planning on post high school education.
    DR - Developmental Regents – same curriculum as R. Smaller class size supports students needing extra help; courses designed to prepare student for college and the State Regents assessments.
    NR - Non-Regents – Courses do not lead to Regents assessment.
    IS - Independent Study
    SS - Summer School
    Calculus and Physics R are Honors weighted courses; General Physics is weighted Regents.

    UB Gifted Math indicates The Gifted Math Program at the State University of New York at Buffalo:

    1 – 4 Honors Weighted
    5 – 6 AP Weighted

    Amherst Academies of Marketing, Hospitality, Accounting and Computer Information Systems, are available to students. Successful completion involves designated courswork in the Academy (including college credit bearing course) and passing NYS exam, along with the opportunity to complete an internship.
    Internship is a program that offers students an opportunity to gain on-the-job experience in areas of career interest. The completion of a career portfolio project is required.
    Work Experience: Students may earn credit for current employment in the community.
    Community Service: Involvement in the community is a requirement and, along with the many students who volunteer their time, seniors are required to complete 20 hours of community service.
    (C.F.M.) Career and Financial Management: Required in grades 11 or 12; satisfies ½-unit graduation requirement in Parenting and Career Development & Occupational Studies. 

    Additional Amherst Central High School Requirements:

    All graduates must complete the equivalent of one unit of Fine Arts (Art/Music), ½ unit of Practical Arts (Business, Technology, Home and Career Skills), and a Computer course. One unit of credit is granted for satisfactory completion of courses which meet for 42 minutes, five times per week, for 40 weeks.