Careers & Job Opportunities

  • 360 Choices :   has hundreds of career profiles. Discover which ones are best for you.  Your activation code is NY01253.

    Lincoln Tech, Choose Your Career Path: Since 1946, a leading provider of technical skills training. Lincoln Tech training can be your linc to tens of thousands of jobs opening around the country each year for people who've got the right skills.

    Meredith Manor: Career Opportunity: Do you have an interest in a career with horses? Meredith Manor is  a trade school geared to prepare equine enthusiasts to build a career as a professional in the horse industry. We accept Federal Financial Aid and Veteran's Benefits and have an articulation with West Virginia University at Parkersburg for those students hoping to also pursue an ewuine based degree.


    New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants: The New York State Society of Certified Public accountants are the Moynihan Scholarship Fund, sponsor the Career Opportunities in the Accounting Profession program on college campuses across the state. Approximately 250 students are accepted into the program each year. See website for locations and details on what's available this summer.