Registration of New Students

  • The following items MUST be submitted to the Student Services secretary BEFORE you can make an appointment to see a school counselor in order to register. All materials will be submitted to the principal for final approval before registration is complete.

    1. Custody/guardianship papers- If the student does not reside with both natural parents.

    2. Two proofs of residency showing an address in the Amherst Central School District:
          A utility bill and one of the following; ( phone bills not accepted )

    • Deed
    • Property Tax Statement
    • Settlement Statement from Closing
    • Signed Lease/ Rental Agreement
    • Statement of District Resident without rental agreement

    3. Academic Records 

    • Transcript
    • Report Cards
    • IEP / 504Plan if applicable
    • Testing

    4. Immunization Record

    5. Birth Certificate or Passport - If not a U.S. Citizen, bring immigration papers for both the student being registered AND the parents.

    6. Registration Packet and Release of information Form

    7. Foster papers DSS-2999 when applicable